Change of GP Policy

Can I change my Registered GP?

We try to ensure continuity of care for our patients as a priority to help provide the
most consistent advice for your care. Therefore all patients are registered with a
named GP to allow you to develop a long term relationship with your doctor. This
allows you to feel safe, comfortable and happy to disclose things that may be
relevant to your health that you may not feel happy discussing with a doctor you
don’t know.

However, if you are unhappy with your registered GP and feel you cannot continue
to see your currently registered doctor please put in writing your reasons why (or ask
to speak to the Practice Manager directly if your prefer) to help resolve any issues
that may be preventing you from accessing the care you require.

We look at all changes to GP requests at our monthly clinical meeting and discuss
each case individually, if appropriate we will change your registered GP (say male to
female etc) and let you know that we have done this and who your new GP is.
Please note we only accept change requests for a GP once per patient, long term
consistency of care with one clinician helps build report and good relationships for
both our patients and our doctors.